Thursday, February 2, 2023

 Week of February 6-10

7/8 Science: Semester exam (Test 6) Wednesday

7 Math: Semester Exam (Test 6) Monday

11/12 Chemistry: Chapter 10 quiz Tuesday, Chapter 10 exam Friday

9/10 Physics: Semester Exam (Test 6) Tuesday

9 Health: Guest Speakers Jean McEarchern and Rick Hayes on finances

Have a great weekend! 

Mrs. Stull

Monday, January 30, 2023

 Week of January 30-February 3

7th/8th Science: read pages 226-231, quiz 18 Monday, quiz 19 Friday, complete activity 6B 

7th Math: quiz 24 Monday, quiz 25 Wednesday, Semester exam (Test 6) Friday

11th/12th Chemistry: cover section 10.3, complete workbook pages 136-137, 151-152

9th/10th Physics: review and make study guide for semester exam on Friday

9th Health: We will be writing checks and balancing financial accounts

Friday, January 20, 2023

 Week of January 23-27

7/8 Science: read pages 205-222, quiz 17 Wednesday, complete 6.2 and 6.3 section review questions

7 Math: cover sections 6.3-6.5, quiz 22 Tuesday, quiz 23 Thursday

11/12 Chemistry: read pages 306-320, complete workbook pages 130-135, lab on Wednesday

9/10 Physics: read pages 198-209, quiz 16 Monday, Lab 14 Tuesday, quiz 17 Friday

9 Life Skills: writing a resume and cover letter; dress for job interview Friday

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Stull

Thursday, January 12, 2023

 Week of January 16-20

No school on Monday, January 16th. All grades are in and reports cards will reflect what is you see in renweb now. Please email if you have have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s grades! I’m available to meet if you’d like!

7th/8th Science: Test 5 Tuesday, begin chapter 6, read pages 196-205, quiz 16 Friday

7th Math: chapter 6, sections 6.1-6.1, quiz 21 Friday

11th/12th: Chemistry: chapter 9 exam Wednesday, begin chapter 10

9th/10th Physics: test 5 Tuesday; begin chapter 8, read pages 184-194

Health: discuss chapter 8 on pursuing healthy relationships

Enjoy the long weekend and the snow! 

Mrs. Stull

Friday, January 6, 2023

 Week of January 9-13

No school on Friday, January 13th! The end of the semester is Wednesday, January 11th. Please contact me if you'd like to meet to discuss your child's grades. 

7/8th Science: finish chapter 5 by reading pages 184-192, quiz 14 and 15, complete activity sheet 5

7th Math: cover sections 5.7-5.8, quiz 20, test 5 Thursday

11/12th Chemistry: read pages 285-294; complete work book pages 115, 116, 120, 121 by Thursday; chapter 9 quiz Thursday

9/10th Physics: complete chapter 7; read pages 174-181; quiz 14; make study guide for chapter exam

9th Health: read pages 206-221; quiz 16 Wednesday; final exam due Friday

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Mrs. Stull

Monday, January 2, 2023

 Week of January 3-6 

7/8th Science: review 5.1, read pages 163-180, quiz 13 Thursday, section review questions #1-7,9 page 170 due Friday

7th Math: review chapter 5, cover sections 5.5-5.6, quiz 19 Thursday

11/12th Chemistry: begin chapter 9, read pages 262-279, work book pages 110-114 due Friday

9/10th Physics: begin chapter 7, read pages 158-170, section review questions p166 due Friday

9th Health: begin chapter 7, read pages 190-200, section review questions p194 due Friday

I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow! 

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Stull

Friday, December 16, 2022

 Week of December 19-23

Monday is our annual Christmas Party at Pinheads Bowling Alley and Pies and Pints! There is an early dismissal on Thursday, and no school on Friday! 

For Tuesday, December 20th:

7th Math will take quiz 18 

7/8th Science will continue reading chapter 5

11/12th Chemistry will begin chapter 9 by doing a class activity on writing symbols for monatomic ions

9/10th Physics will take test 4; Lab 10 is due 

9th Health will take test 5

Happy Weekend! 

Mrs. Stull